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Building Arduino

What is AKRASC?

The All Kerala Robotics and Automation Society Conclave- AKRASC 2021-22 is the flagship event of the IEEE RAS Kerala Chapter aimed at providing the best in class experience to robotic enthusiasts

Know the

keynote speakers

Learn from the best in the field!

Prof. Frank Chongwoo Park

President, IEEE RAS

Dr. Roshy John

VP, Global Technology Leader
Robotics, AI, IOT

Rejin Narayanan

Former Chairr

Robin Tommy

Rapid Lab TCS R&I

Tom Nipu Moolayil

Director of Engineering
Uchimura Robotics, Atlanta GA USA

Er. Sanjuna Mathews

Robotics Engineer
at Rapid Labs, TCS R&I

Er. Aswin R S

Assistant Systems Engineer
at CTO Rapid Labs, TCS R&I

Er. Harikrishnan K

Robotics Engineer
at Rapid Labs, TCI R&I

Er. Sajid Aslam

Junior Engineer
at TRD, Indian Railways

Muhammed Safwan S M


Mr. Jerin Peter

Former Techncal Lead

Why attend?


Come join us:

  • If you have made a remarkable piece of tech and want to showcase it to the community.
  • If you’re a young mind yearning to learn from the maestros in the field of Robotics and Automation.
  • If you are that person who wants to build something of your own but doesn’t know where to start.

With amazing exhibits, edifying talk shows, sensational workshops; this will be the most fun you’ll be having this year!


Student Project Expo


Robotics & Automation Combined Expo


Tales of Robotics & Automation Development Establishments

ROS & 3D Modeling



Take up this chance to know the Robot Operating System as a meta operating system that works as an interface between applications and hardware. The advantages of ROS in terms of its ready to use capabilities, open source framework, concurrent device handling definitely makes it interesting as you’ll learn:

  • Ubuntu and ROS Installation
  •  Modeling and assembly of a differentially driven robot using Solidworks     
  •  Export  as URDF and configuration of a differential drive robot model in Gazebo   
  •  Build a custom world in Gazebo for simulation  
  •  Introduction to Gazebo plugins and sensor plugins to robot description     
  •  Theoretical description on hardware implementation of a Differentially driven   robot                 
  •  3D Modeling & 3D Printing (live demonstration)

Building Arduino & Rasperry PI based Robots



The basics of both Arduino and raspberry pi, interfacing  of sensors with both as well as how to do a good project based on the same will be taught. Projects will be done on both platforms and a live demonstration of the Robot made will be showcased in the final session of the workshop.

Key takeaways are:

  •  Basic knowledge of Microcontroller - Arduino
  • Learn how to program an Arduino
  •  Interfacing Arduino with sensors
  • Building a Robot with Arduino and programming 
  • Basics knowledge of single board computers - Raspberry Pi
  •  Python Programming - Interfacing Raspberry Pi Gpios
  •  Interfacing sensors with Raspberry Pi
  • Building a Robot with Rpi and programming it

Venue Information(OFFLINE)

College: Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly.