‘ R2R: Roadway to Robotics ’, a two day virtual event to explore & experience Robotics & Automation through design workshops and webinars handled by industrial experts.


Introduction to Robotics.

Steps- Design and implementation of a Two

wheeled robot – Bird’s eye view

Custom robot simulation in Gazebo world


Knowing the world through sensors.

Path planning and navigation.

Robotics today- Talk session.

Introduction to Robotics

The maiden session of R2R was an opening lecture on ‘Introduction to Robotics’ by Er. Anand G, Robotics Engineer, Rapid Labs, TCS R&I. The participants were given a simple and brief introduction to the very basics of robotics, starting from applications of robotics to differential drive kinematics.

Design and Implementation of a two wheeled robot

 A route map of topics was presented prior to the session which comprised the highlights of the session. The live lecture was divided into six main topics: SPEC IT, WHEEL IT, POWER IT, DRAW IT, BUILD IT, and CONNECT IT. Specifications of the robot were explained very enganingly.

Custom robot simulation inGazebo world

The session commenced with a detailed description of ROS(Robot operating system), which can be used for both simulation and hardware, followed by a tutorial on ROS installation. ROS is a robot application development platform.

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Knowing the world through sensors

The day 2 of the enthralling sessions of  R2R was led by a very young Robotics developer, Mr. Harikrishnan S, from TCS rapid labs, Trivandrum. The whole session consumed the world through sensors and their working, integration of sensors into the robotics environment and industries and its applications.

Path Planning and Navigation

The second session of day 2 was one another gripping session handled by Er. Sanjuna Mariam Mathews, the System Engineer, Rapid Lab TCS, along with Er. Harikrishnan K, Assistant Systems Engineer,  Rapid Labs TCS, on the topic Path planning and navigation. The session headed with the continuation of the first session, forwarding to the sensor output used to drive a particular robot inside a 3D environment using Gazebo Plugins, for simulation of various sensors. The whole session also engrossed on the importance of Mapping, running of a map server and concept of using ros in the Gazebo world.


IEEE RAS Kerala Chapter is extremely glad to announce that our event
R2R: Roadway to Robotics
turned out to be a massive success with 400+ participants from over 7 sections !! We express our sincere gratitude to Rapid Labs, TCS for being a wonderful event partner.