RALS-Robotics and Automation Leaders Symposium

An elating session by Dr. Roshy John, Global Head, Robotics and Cognitive Systems, sharing his views and experience in the field of robotics and automation. Dr. Roshy started off the session by condemning the unrealistic perceptions of robotics and automation set in pop culture, but also those norms “challenge us to develop much more super amazing things”. 

The speaker then swayed his astute talk towards the products of AI – being “human-centric, users, data and machine learning”, these aspects gradually improved the cycle of data analysis. He then gave a brief peek on the story of evolution of programming languages and the current trend of data-driven systems. 

The speaker ended his session by giving an insight to all robotic enthusiasts, to work on business problems and learn to solve them to cope with the needs. He asked the crowd to “embrace technology and not become it”.