Er. Sanjuna Mariam Mathews

  • Robotics Engineer at Rapid Labs, TCS R&I.
  • Worked on implementing an Autonomous Covid Service Robot at Medical College, Trivandrum.
  • Having been in the Robotics Wing at Wipro, she is proficient in ROS.


 A 7 day  Robot Operating System workshop.

Day 1:

Introduction to ROS.
ROS basic concepts, Overview on simulation and hardware interface using ROS, URDF introduction, Examples

Day 2:

Ubuntu and ROS Installation

Day  3&4:

  • Modelling and Assembly of a differentially driven robot using Solidworks
  •  Export as URDF and configuration of a differential drive robot model in Gazebo

Day 5:

Build a custom world in Gazebo for the differential robot

Day 6:

Introduction to Gazebo Plugins and adding sensor plugins to robot description

Day 7:

Theoretical description on hardware implementation of a Differentially driven robot


A major event conducted by IEEE RAS Kerala Chapter, The ROS Workshop, was a 7 day long event that was intended to train registered candidates on Robotic Operating System at an introductory level. Er. Sanjuna Mariam Mathews, Systems Engineer, Rapid Labs, TCS R&I was the mentor for the workshop conducted from 10th to 19th May, 2021

The workshop started with an explanation on the basics of the Robot Operating System  as a  meta operating system that works as an interface between applications and hardware. The advantages of ROS in terms of its ready to use capabilities, open source framework, concurrent device handling etc were touched upon after which she gave a brief overview on the basic structure of a robotic system.